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Business Address and Mail Forwarding

inHongKong is ready to handle all of your business mail no matter where you might be in the world. When you set up your Hong Kong Business, you will need a Hong Kong address to receive business and government mail. This can get complicated if you do not live in Hong Kong or travel there regularly. inHongKong is prepared to handle your mail correspondence and serve as your legal government registered business address. We offer mail forwarding services that will keep you informed of all incoming mail allowing you an expedited system of notification for your convenience.

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Hong Kong Business Address & Mail Forwarding - In Hong Kong

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Business Address Service

The handling of business mail is almost always a headache and so time-consuming. When you decide to choose a separate business address, for instance instead of using your home address, you don’t have to worry about exposing your business contacts to your personal address. Mail forwarding is becoming the ideal way for businesses to receive mail and have the process highly organized so you don’t miss a thing. You can continue to operate your business from home, if you’d like, without the risk of exposing your personal address or looking unprofessional.

inHongKong is located in the heart of Asia, making it a desirable location for communication while showing your customers that you are truly a global business. We can accept company cards, invoices, website and business contracts and much more. When you choose inHongKong as your business address you are choosing convenience allowing you to seamlessly transition your business into the Hong Kong international business environment. Just a note, we cannot serve as an address for lease agreements or proof of residency for a bank account, as these situations will require your presence in Hong Kong.

Mail Forwarding Service

Mail forwarding is a hassle-free way of receiving paper mail on behalf of your business. We collect all your correspondence and then mail them to you depending on a time-frame of your choosing. This mail can be sent to you anywhere in the world. As a global business, we know that you might find yourself in a new city every few weeks, making it impossible to set up a mailbox everytime you have to move on to a new city. With mail forwarding from inHongKong in Hong Kong, we can ensure your mail meets you wherever you may find yourself. This delivery can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and it can also be scanned which is very helpful for mail that needs to be handled in an expedited fashion. You are notified everytime we receive a piece of your mail.


When inHongKong receives your mail, packages, documents in your mailbox, we scan the individual pieces and send you a notification via email in the form of a PDF file. You can then review the PDF to learn what mail you’ve received and direct us as to how you’d like to handle that piece of mail. We can scan the contents of the mail, or forward it to the address you choose. Scanning your mail doesn’t require extra postage or a delay in receiving your mail in its paper form. You can scan or forward your mail on a case by case basis. Either way, you will receive notification of your incoming mail which will be directly uploaded to your account, and a notification will be sent directly to your email address you’ve provided.

Mail Forwarding Through the Back Office System

Our inHongKong Backoffice software is in its newest form and ready to handle the task of helping you stay organized and worry-free. Upon receiving mail on your behalf, we notify you immediately through email. We accept all types of mail couriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other large-scale delivery companies. Our prices remain consistent, so you will not be experiencing any surprises when it comes to receiving your business correspondence. Through the Backoffice software, you can choose right there to scan, send or trash your mail without ever holding the paper copy in your hands. We can even securely shred your mail which comes at no additional cost to you.


Once you tell us how to handle each piece of mail, what we scan will be uploaded to your account where you can choose to download and print it where you are or save it for future reference. The Backoffice is designed to show you what mail you receive, the history of mail received and how much credit is left in your account. We can hold your physical mail for up to 180 days for you as well before we dispose of it. This will give you plenty of time to sort through the Backoffice and let us know the preferred handling of your business mail.

The Mail Forwarding and Scanning Process

This is how you will gain access to your business mail with inHongKong:

1. Choose inHongKong as your business address by filling out a simple form using our website or through our Backoffice system software. We can direct you on how to use our address for your business correspondence and clients.
2. We will receive your mail and then notify you via email to check your account via the Backoffice software system.
3. You will let us know how to handle the mail and whether we should scan it for you, collect it and forward it to you, or trash it and shred it.
4. When we send your mail, you will be alerted with an email notification that it has been sent to the email address you’ve provided.

Mailing and Courier Services

There are various ways that we can handle your mail once it reaches our office. When we forward it to you, you will get the option of choosing how that mail gets to you as well.

Standard Post - This is a no tracking option, forwarded to your address.

Hong Kong Post - Registered mail

DHL - The global mail and package delivery service.

Fees for Mail Forwarding and Scanning

We offer competitive and affordable mail forwarding and scanning options.

Mail Forwarding plan - $380.00 USD per month

Regular Mail - $25 USD per month

Scanning and email delivery - $1 USD per piece of mail received

DHL Courier Delivery - $95 USD per month

These fee structures make handling your business mail a breeze depending on how much mail you anticipate receiving.

Benefits of Using inHongKong

If you have relied on friends or family to get your mail to you, you may risk the chance of important correspondence not reaching you, like contracts or banking information.

Unattended mail in a mailbox is vulnerable and may open your business to unwanted risks. Using inHongKong is a secure mail transaction location and will ensure your mail is in safe hands.

It is more cost effective to use inHongKong after you consider the tools and resources you may need in handling your mail, things like assistants, printers, and shredders can add operational costs and diminish your business profits.

inHongKong is just more professional and efficient. When you can respond to your mail quickly from anywhere in the world, your customers or clients will trust working with you.

inHongKong allows you to go paperless. Not only is this a great sustainable way to handle your mail but allows you to stay in a digital world so random paper mail doesn’t clutter your business.

With inHongKong, you don’t have to constantly be filing a change of address form with your local post office. This will eliminate that hassle, not to mention, eliminate the risk of lost mail.

At inHongKong, we believe that your business should receive the best care in mail handling so you can build a truly successful company. We feel that you should have a simple system to use to access your mail at any time using our Backoffice software system. We are confident that we can deliver a fast high-quality service that you will be happy with at a reasonable price. Please be sure to ask us any questions you might have about our mail forwarding and scanning services, and we will be happy to answer those for you.

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