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Hong Kong Work Visa Process.

There are a number of different Visa programs in Hong Kong that foreigners can participate in. The Hong Kong visa application process can range from the global traveler to those wishing to do business or make Hong Kong their residence. In Hong Kong is versed in the visa system and we thought that breaking this information down for you would be helpful. Depending on the type of Visa that you are seeking, In Hong Kong will be able to point you in the right direction or help you through the process.

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Hong Kong Business Visa Applications - In Hong Kong

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Employment Visa Scheme

Employment Visas are designed to be used by individuals who will be employed by a company, owned and operated, in Hong Kong. This type of Visa requires that the person has secured employment with a company before applying. There are no official quotas for the number of employment visas that can be issued for a Hong Kong based company. Below you will find the requirements and features regarding Employment Visa applications in Hong Kong.

Academic Eligibility

A foreigner who has graduated from a Hong Kong academic institute may apply for an Employment Visa. Likewise, a foreigner who has acquired special skills, experience, or knowledge from an overseas academic institute (that was unavailable in Hong Kong) may also apply for this Visa.

Visa Length

A Hong Kong Employment Visa is valid for a one year period and can be renewed when an applicant meets specific criteria.

Becoming a Resident

After a time period of at least 7-years, an Employment Visa holder may apply for permanent residency in Hong Kong.

For a deeper understanding of the Hong Kong employment Visa process, you can visit the Hong Kong Employment Visa guide.

Hong Kong Investment Visa Scheme

The Hong Kong Investment Visa is a different form of an Employment Visa and is meant for entrepreneurs who would like to relocate and start a business. This visa allows the entrepreneur to use their own company to meet the requirements of an Employment Visa. The Investment Visa doesn't require the entrepreneur to make a required investment in order to apply and there are no quotas for this category of visa. Here are some details about Investment Visas and how they work.

Proof of Eligibility

Entrepreneurs seeking an Investment Visa will need to provide their educational background and technical qualifications relevant to the professional pursuits they wish to seek in Hong Kong. This applicant should provide evidence that the business will contribute to the Hong Kong economy, and that heir skills and experience will contribute to professional success in their field.

Visa Length

A Hong Kong Investment Visa is similar to the Employment Visa, in that, it’s valid for a one year period and can be renewed when an applicant meets specific criteria.

Becoming a Resident

Like the Employment Visa, an entrepreneur on an Investment Visa may apply for permanent residency after being located in Hong Kong for at least 7-years.

To receive more information about applying for the Investment Visa, please visit the Hong Kong Investment Visaguide.

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

An individual can pursue a Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa (QMAS) If they would like to find employment or seek business opportunities. This Visa is based on a points system and will require that the individual hit certain marks in seeking employment or starting a business during the valid Visa time frame. There is a 1,000 quota cap on how many of these visas can be issued per year. Here are some of the details and eligibility requirements for a Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa.

Proof of Eligibility

A QMAS Visa will require the individual to prove they have a strong financial history and can provide for their own livelihood and that of their dependents. The individual should be fluent in either the Chinese or English languages and have a successful educational background. The applicant should be between the ages of 18 and 51 and have no known criminal history and a clean immigration record.

Visa Length

The QMAS Visa is valid for a one year time period and can be renewed for an additional year if criteria are met.

Becoming a Resident

When a foreigner is approved for a QMAS Visa, they can become eligible for permanent residency if they live in Hong Kong for a continuous 7-year time period.

Other Hong Kong Visa Schemes

Training Visa

Training Visas can be issued to individuals who are seeking to gain special skills or knowledge from an established Hong Kong based company. The Training Visa is valid for up to one year and should apply to a person who is unable to receive said training in their own country of origin. The Training Visa cannot be obtained by a Mainland Chinese resident (some exceptions apply) and some nationalities are not eligible.

Business Visa

Business visas can be sought by individuals who are not planning on working in Hong Kong but may need to visit for extended periods of time for business-related projects or matters. A good example of this is when businesses need to collaborate for a non-location specific business project. Persons from more than 170-countries are permitted to visit Hong Kong without a visa for 7-180 days. You can apply for a specific visa before that time frame ends if you plan to stay longer.

People visiting Hong Kong, who plan to partake in business activities, can do the following type of work without applying for an Employment Visa.

• Can finish contracts
• Evaluate the packing and/or installation of products or equipment
• Attend trade shows or business conferences (not selling goods or services onsite)
• Handle legal matters of a civil or financial matter
• Seek business opportunities and network
• Meet with Hong Kong based vendors, suppliers of manufacturers
• Participate in seminars or business meetings that are shorter in nature

Individuals who travel to Hong Kong to participate in these types of events may need to provide proof of their intent when entering Hong Kong. This proof can be provided in a number of ways. For example an invitation, letter, or other documentation from a Hong Kong based business that would give validity to the individual’s visit. No paid or unpaid employment or work can be done by the visiting individual while on a visit visa.

The Hong Kong Travel Pass

The last type of Visa that we will discuss here is the Hong Kong Travel Pass. This pass is issued to business executives from foreign countries that have to visit Hong Kong regularly to tend to business matters. The travel pass is a streamlined immigration pass that allows the holder to move quicker through Hong Kong airports rather than using typical travel counters. The Hong Kong travel pass is a great option for persons who do not reside in Hong Kong and have no intention a becoming a Hong Kong resident. The Travel Pass is ideal for persons who make routine visits to Hong Kong and would still like to use the city for business-related matters. Here are some details about the Hong Kong Travel Pass and the eligibility requirements to apply for one.

Proof of Eligibility

This pass requires a valid passport where the applicant can prove they have made three or more visits in a 12-month period. The applicant should be able to demonstrate, within reason, of why they need to be in Hong Kong and why their visit benefits the Hong Kong economy.

Pass Time Frame

The Travel Pass is issued to applicants for 3-years which allows them to move in and out of Hong Kong for business. The pass holder may stay for 2-months on each visit.

Limit on Travel Passes

There currently no limits on these passes and are issued to those who meet the criteria.

Becoming a Resident

The travel pass is ineligible for individuals seeking permanent residency in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions about the Employment Visa application process in Hong Kong, please do not hesitate to contact In Hong Kong and ask your specific questions. We have qualified staff to help with these different visas and to guide you through the Hong Kong work employment application process.

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