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Moving or starting a business in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is a business gateway to the growing China market and operates under English Common Law. While its political structure is a part of the People’s Republic of China, the legal system functions separately from that of its political governing. If you want business freedom, freedom from Government controls and Property Rights, Hong Kong is the place for you. You will also save on taxes and multiple other expenses. Hong Kong’s professional background along with the city’s prosperous business environment, make the city an ideal option for foreign-run businesses. Hong Kong company registrations grew in 2017, according to government surveys.

inHongKong has helped thousands of people worldwide successfully register and incarnate their business in Hong Kong. We are confident that our team of professionals will be able to help you every step of the way and answer all your business and financial questions and be your back office in Hong Kong.

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The Benefits of Setting up Business with In Hong Kong

Residency not Required

It is not required to be a resident of Hong Kong to set up your business entity or organization. Non-residents will need to work with a secretary to qualify as an offshore business organization. You will be able to use inHongKong’s secretary’s office as your Hong Kong business address or get assistance in finding an appropriate office space.

Low Capital Requirements

Corporations are required to offer upfront register capital when setting up a business within Hong Kong. The fee is low, other countries or jurisdictions can be triple or more.

Affordable Incorporation Fees

We will help you with the process of setting up your organization with us, in Hong Kong, along with the required government set up fees. This fee is for your initial registration. Businesses who wish to incorporate, we will help you attain a Business Registration Certificate allowing you to do business in Hong Kong. This process can be done quickly so you can establish your business and begin your worldwide operations. Do keep in mind, this does not include, or apply to, offshore corporations who are doing business outside of Hong Kong.

Multi-Currency Corporate Bank Accounts

In Hong Kong welcomes the opening of multi-currency bank accounts with e-banking features to make offshore business activities simple through electronic banking applications. This process is made easier as many Hong Kong based banks are recognized all over the world such as HSBC and Hang Seng Bank. You’ll also be able to set up other accounts elsewhere in the world if you so choose.

Low Corporate Tax Rates

Companies that retain their offshore status and refrain from doing business in Hong Kong will see a tax rate of 0%. Entities who wish to conduct business within Hong Kong jurisdiction will see a 16.5% rate of profit. As a bonus, businesses that want to import from the China Market and sell in the European or U.S. markets can avoid paying taxes on profits, so long as those transactions stay outside of Hong Kong’s jurisdiction.

The Network

While Hong Kong’s location is ideal for the China Market, even more promising are the relationships built within this business environment. Hong Kong allows for exclusive Mainland China to have access to their markets through the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). This allows offshore companies in Hong Kong to work with established Chinese companies who are a part of a greater network of businesses and partnerships.

In Hong Kong Requirements
for Company Formation in Hong Kong

Trading Companies

Residential status In Hong Kong is required for companies that would like to operate under a sole trading agreement. The exception to this, for those wishing to open a Hong Kong trading company, is for the entity to open as a “Limited Company.” A Hong Kong Limited Company would need to be managed by a secretary in Hong Kong and does not require the business owner to travel to the city and open the business.

Identification Requirements

You will need the passport of whoever owns the corporation, along with proof of residency identification, like a driver’s license. A questionnaire document is also required where you will share the names of directors, the board of directors, or shareholders of the company.

A Secretary and Office Space

Locating a secretary is a fairly simple process; please ask us to support you in this effort. If your business set up requires an office space, (many do) which can be a more difficult task. Working with us can help you with both of these business requirements, which will keep you compliant with Hong Kong regulations. A typical business space can cost anywhere from 50,000 – 200,000 HKD per year. Check out our hongkong business address package.

Corporate Name and Registration

To begin your documentation and Hong Kong company registration process you will need to provide a unique name for your company. Your secretary/agent will check to make sure that no other corporations have registered in that name. Again, you do not have to travel to Hong Kong for this process, registering online is fast and will take place through your agency. You can provide all your documentation online including the fees involved in registering.

The Registered Agent

Your secretary and/or agency will provide your documentation and fees to a registered agent. That agent will process your paperwork and you should have your business set up completed within hours on the same day.


Upon approval, your corporation will be provided Incorporation and Business Registration Certificates.

Final Thoughts From inHongKong

Hong Kong is becoming a worldwide leader for offshore business operations because it is a safe and secure business environment. Hong Kong has built a reputation for easy global banking. No matter if you wish to start a Hong Kong Company Registration, a Hong Kong Trading Company or a Hong Kong Limited Company; this city is a recognized leader for business. This kind of peace of mind will allow you to concentrate more on your business and worry less about typical business banking issues that happen in other parts of the world. As we discussed, there are many advantages to opening your business in Hong Kong which can truly open your business to the world.

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