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Reporting your Companies Corporate Structure Changes in Hong Kong

Your company will evolve and grow, and chances are there will be changes in the corporate structure of your Hong Kong business. These changes can be small like new directors, shareholders or the business address. Other changes might be larger in scale such as new ownership or shifts in tax structures. In Hong Kong can support you by reporting these changes to the appropriate organizations, such as the Inland Revenue Department.

Company Changes may include: 

• A resignation or a company secretary or director 
• Change of company name or registered office 
• Allotment or transfer of shares 
• Updating company records 
• Making your company dormant 
• Completely deregistering your company.

If we are already your company secretary then we will contact you with any changes needed. If you are new to inHongKong we will check your data then issue you full instructions of what needs to be done and help you update the changes in a prompt and correct fashion.

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